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Step into a visual wonderland as you explore our exquisite photographic gallery, where breathtaking moments freeze in time, allowing you to immerse yourself in the artistry of captivating images.


A friend, Victoria Cobden, presented this antique t-shirt to me in 2010. 'Real Music in a Sea of Shit'
Bali 2012. Interestin
In the hull of the ‘Edwina Fox’ convict ship, New Zealand
There's that laugh again.
Peter Garrett (Arts Minister) presenting the Don Banks Music Award 2010
With Marcus Holden at Mosman Library 2012
National Folk Festival
The Larrikins in the 1970s. Yikes a lager phone. What was I thinking?
My Order of the Wattle.
Folkways Music, Paddington. A rare 'Real Music in a Sea of Shit' LP sleeve.
Regimental Sgt Major Marist Bros Cadet Corp.
With Dave de Hugard at Sovereign Hill. 90s.
Folkways 1980s 262 Oxford Street, Paddington.
The ‘famous’ Folkways Music neon sign - it even appeared in David Bowie’s ‘Black Book'
self portrait
with Santa at Anthony Horderns in the 1940s. Ouch.
Laughing Clown look 1990s
This was at the launch of an Eric Bogle album in the early 90s
Totally spooky Peter Sellers look.
Nick Wales pinched that vest - he still wears it.
Silver daddy
100% bushie
Always at home in the bush
With my sassy sister Zandra at her wedding many years ago
An early Larrikins performance at Sydney Opera House
Mark Cavanagh & myself in Istanbul. He takes that damned phone everywhere!
Cathie O’Sullivan and me at the Larrikin Folklife Festival, Regent Theatre, Sydney in the 80s.
Warren Fahey, Cathie O’Sullivan and Jacko Kevans
Cathie O’Sullivan, Warren Fahey & Jacko Kevans
Bon Vivant? or just thirsty?
My impression of TV chef (and harmonica player) Ian Parmenter
Creme Caramel - So good my eyes were watering.
Flogging the program of the 2019 Sydney Folk Festival
A young Warren with my niece, Amanda, and George Fahey (my dad)
Mark Cavanagh, Melissa Hoyer, Jill Waddy and me in Montenegro
Playing the concertina
Marvin Gaye - a great soul singer … and tee shirt.
Mark Cavanagh and me campaigning for equality
2019 Artistic Director, Sydney Folk Festival.
From the archives - Anne Infante on guitar and … I have no idea… in Brisbane for the Moreton Bay Folk Festival
At Ben & Tim's wedding, Gundagai, 2020
Sandwiched between Bogan Bingo and Eric Bogle
Second row, third from left.
The first members of The Larrikins late sixties. Wow! Flared trousers.
Performing for John Coburn's illustrious 90th birthday. He sang along!
On a cruise engagement. This one in Monaco.
Milford Sound on Seabourn
Potts Point's Llankelly Place (with Adrian Bartels)
An early Larrikin show with Brad and Sandy tate, Tony Suttor.
Celebrating Australian Art - Open Weekend 2012 with Mark Oats, Clare O'Meara and Marcus Holden
Holding the concertina and dreaming of the outback
Milford Sound - a wonderful experience
Dubious NZ accommodation?
The Larrikins - a rare line-up Dave de Hugard, Cathie O'Sullivan, Declan Affley, Jacko Kevans and Warren on tea chest bass.
Warren's best impersonation of Peter Sellers!
Looking like Alf Garnett - a publicity shot for Anglicare
Yes, that's me at a folk picnic in the sixties. We were impersonating Les Darcy's great boxing fight. Gawd, my skinny legs!
Warren as Banjo Paterson
Yikes! As a school kid, making faces seemed so normal.
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One of my favourite photographs.